Sewer Video Inspections

Sewer Video Inspections

Do you need your lines inspected or are your lines continuously getting backed up?  Sewer Video Inspections are a cost-effective method in the plumbing field to fix the problem of backed up lines.  These cameras work by locating drain problems to identify location of obstructions in a sewage system.  We utilize our video camera to travel through the piping in order to get a clear picture of the interior pipes.  A video monitor screen makes it possible to view the progress as we inspect the pipes.  The most common plumbing problems found with a camera line inspection are collapsed, broken, crush or disjoint pipes; pipes sagging or cracking; inline traps; tree root penetration; or sludge buildup.  Sewer Video Inspections are typically done if there are continuous backups or for the selling or purchasing of a property.

What are the Benefits of Sewer Video Inspections?

Sewer Video inspections is a safe, convenient, and non-destructive way to inspect the plumbing system in your home. When we use a specialized camera to inspect your drains, we will not have to destroy your pipes or digging to get to the bottom of an issue. If you call us with a drain problem, we will inspect every inch of your pipes in order to determine the exact cause of any problems and locate any clogs. Once we have located the issue, we can offer an effective solution.


After we diagnose the overall condition of the sewer or water line with our video camera, we then can determine the location and depth of the pipeline for replacement or repair.  We will also provide you with a recorded copy of the entire inspection performed and an detail inspection report.

Locating potential problems

Our video inspection equipment has a transmitter that sends a signal from the camera head to a locator used above ground. This allows us to determine where the line is going as well as to pinpoint the exact location and depth of a problem area.


If you have a problem with your main sewer line, and would like an accurate quote based on video inspection, schedule a service call today!

Buying a new home?

Sewer Video Inspections can give you a piece of mind.